This is a listing of funds that are accepting donations. Please check the individual fund for more details about their mission and what your donation will help achieve. If you have any questions contact us at 754-399-8019 or by email

Donate To A Fund

Discretionary Usage Funds by Everglades CF
  Donate Western Everglades Public Grantmaking
Provides public grantmaking for Western Everglades, focused predominantly on Endangered species of Key Deer and Florida Panthers and habitat protection as well as programs to help their population.
Donate Public Support Fund
General support for the Everglades Community Foundation. This helps provide support both to our internal operations expense as well as our public granting activities.

Most of our granting will be environmentally focused.
Donate Gator Aid
Provide aid of all forms to Gators in need in the Glades.
  Donate Glades Safety Net Fund
this fund was created to provide emergency assistance for Everglades Residents, especially in the case of brush fire and hurricane recovery assistance.
Funds for a specific purpose
  Donate Swamp Tours Glades Support
Swamp Tours gives back to the Everglades! This will be used to support environmental initiatives to keep the Everglades healthy and ensure it is a resource available to future generations!
  Donate Live and Let Live Fund
Educating on value of pythons to the ecosystem to promote ending the bounty on hunting and encourage allowing the population of pythons to grow naturally.
Donate Snowbird Birds of a Feather Fund
Snow birds have special needs for the frequent migration. Help us care for the migrating bird lands!
  Donate Dog Park Fund
Assist in building and maintaining dog parks for the safe use of our canine friends across the Everglades
  Donate Living with Wildlife Fund
Educate public on interacting with wildlife safely with a focus on tourism gateways to ensure public safety for travelers.
Donate Covid-19 Response Fund
Used for response to our community affected by the Covid-19 virus
Donate Clean Water Fund
this fund was created to support clean water initiatives for water moving into the Everglades and directly working with sugar cane farmers to avoid fertilizer runoff.
  Donate Bobcat preservation fund
This fund will be used to help maintain the wild Bobcat habitat in the glades.
  Donate Glades Protection for Gators
Ensure a clean water supply and sufficient land area to support the Everglades
  Donate Panther Protection
Provide support for protection and maintenance of Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge and other items that help the long term survivability of the endangered panthers.
  Donate Alligator Alley Beautification Fund
Intended for the beautification and preservation of animal habitat along Alligator Alley
Discretionary Scholarship Fund
  Donate Everglades Scholarship Fund
Help Everglades area students go to college! This fund is for our local students to attend local colleges. Special preference is given to students at Broward and Florida Atlantic.
Everglades Community Foundation Support
Donate Everglades Community Foundation General Donation
ECF Operations Fund
Other Funds